I am a visual artist and woodworker creating functional and character filled furniture and accessories using the many techniques I have accumulated over the years. I received my BFA in 1998 and have since done fine art, finish carpentry, cabinet installation, and faux finishing. I have been doing original furniture design and custom woodwork since 2010.
My goal and purpose is to combine these elements and skills to make functional beautiful furniture that is inviting as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The custom built charred sugar pine transaction desk.

I've been working on this desk deal all week, designing as we go to get all the proportions just right for Lisa's interaction/jewelry/internet spot. Finally got it all dialed, it looks fantastic. We did discover that the charring tends to create some warpage if you only char one side. It made things a little tricky to assemble and get back to square, the two sides are separate pieces joined at this corner with screws.  

I was here for the first transaction, we were fine tuning and finishing up and this guy rolled in and bought some jewelry.

This cute little inset features a pottery piece by Amy Maule of Volvox Pottery.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The charring of the Pacific Sugar Pine custom order desk.

This is a custom order piece designed by Lisa Mangum of Oko Gallery. We both are into this charred wood look and I'm sure it would be amusing to witness our wonder at the transformation during the process.
We charred it this morning, then I sealed it with water based urethane, and we will install it tomorrow. It it built as a modular piece in order to get it in and out of the door!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sea Legs Small Rustic Coffee Table. Sold.

The top is comprised of 70's era douglas fir tongue in groove, the legs are red cedar dimensional driftwood 4x4, I did a light sanding on the legs to contrast the warm natural tone of the wood with the grayed out aged tones.

The top on this end is flat, the seeming curvature in the pic is due to my using a wide angle at close range.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Driftwood Douglas Fir Bench with Driftwood Wild Arborvitae Legs. Sold

Kayso, this bench is really kind of a weird and non-traditional piece, the balance points are sensitive, and you don't want to be having a "wrastling" match atop of it. The sculptural lines of the arborvitae "legs" are very unique and have a quiet beauty of their own.

Loving the red tones in the legs!

A nice close up.

The grain on this slab is just awesome, I didn't do much to it, just a little hand planing, sanding and sealer.