I am a visual artist and woodworker creating functional and character filled furniture and accessories using the many techniques I have accumulated over the years. I received my BFA in 1998 and have since done fine art, finish carpentry, cabinet installation, and faux finishing. I have been doing original furniture design and custom woodwork since 2010.
My goal and purpose is to combine these elements and skills to make functional beautiful furniture that is inviting as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What am I thankful for? Driftwood!

It looked pretty clear when I left home, by the time I got here, raining fairly steady by the time I made it to this 12 foot long piece of driftwood doug fir.

Splitting it evenly at 6 feet, I originally thought I would do two benches out of it, but who knows. 

My field handsaw, antique, but still sharp. The tape measure I'm using on this mission was also found on the beach. Kinda long story on that one, involving hippies trying to build a raft; needless to say they did not meet with much success.

Moved one piece down to the dolly.

Got the other piece tied on, but didn't make it very far. Too much weight to pull at once over uneven ground. I stashed the heavier piece in the weeds on the trail that leads to the train tracks. This location is about a mile from where my car is parked.

Made it to the flat part of the main path and picked up this 2x12 that I stashed here earlier.

Finally got the load back to my Blonde Bombshell,Helga.

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