I am a visual artist and woodworker creating functional and character filled furniture and accessories using the many techniques I have accumulated over the years. I received my BFA in 1998 and have since done fine art, finish carpentry, cabinet installation, and faux finishing. I have been doing original furniture design and custom woodwork since 2010.
My goal and purpose is to combine these elements and skills to make functional beautiful furniture that is inviting as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Live edge red cedar legs for fir slab

Starting off with these two pieces of red cedar I saved from the river, they were originally one piece that cracked in half.

I'm going to split each piece in half to get two 15" coffee table legs for the fir slab. 

Set up a guide which will work for most of my lengthwise cuts.

This is the other piece.

After establishing my lengthwise cuts I plane the surfaces flat so I have a nice flat surface for the saw to sit on.

After planing and sanding we're looking pretty good.

Using the planed surface to establish square, I cut the lengths to 15", the slab is 2" so that will give me an even 17".

The grain looks awesome in these side cuts.

Sanded all the outward facing surfaces so the urethane will pick up on all the crazy color in these surfaces.

This is one side with a coat of sealer.

This is the other set.

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